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Poem of the Day 24/06/2012: The Moon

The Moon

Sometimes on cold, dark, starless nights,
On nights that are just like these,
Me and my cigarettes sit outside
In the cold, dark, starless breeze.

I take out a friend and ask him,
“When will I feel at home?”
He flickers with a bright idea
And puff! I’m all alone.

Then, the moon pops out his face
And says, “Well, how’d you do?”
“Well, I’m a little bit lost my friend,
But tell me, how are you?”

“I feel a bit on the dark side,” he tells me
Whilst he wears that funny old frown,
“I’m inexplicably attracted to this Earth
But I can’t stop circling round.”

“Well that’s no good!” I exclaim
With all my sympathies to his ply
And I turn to offer him a drink
But it’s a cold, dark, moonless sky.

So I grab another friend and ask him,
“Do you think he’s coming back?”
But my friend, he didn’t stay for long
And the moon hurtled through the black.

“Look who I’ve just found!” he delights
With singing stars by his side.
“I feel myself growing fuller now!
I can feel the change in the tides!”

“Now that one’s just not funny,” I remark
As I try to hide my smile.
“I’ve missed you looking quite so ravishing,
Maybe you could stay a while?”

So my friends and him, we sit outside
Whilst the flickering stars, they play.
But they’ve started to burn less brightly now
And I can feel the coming day.

“I can see that you’re still frowning,”
I sadly tell my fading friend.
“Is because you and Earth still float apart
At the coming of this night’s end?”

And as his face droops lower and he shines with less brilliance,
He becomes suddenly serious. He leans in and whispers to me to listen.
So I do.

“it’s a curse that you and I both share
To shine brighter through black than blue.
But you don’t need to shine as brightly
If you’ve got bright company with you.”

And though the loves
Of the heavens above
May spend an eternity almost in bloom,
I will stoically wait,
As t’is my fate
To wait, just like the moon.


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