Unintentional Hipster

I just like wearing women's jeans, not eating animal products and writing shit nobody cares about. It was an accident, I swear

Who am I?

Yo! Welcome to my blog playas! Before you achieve any form of misconception over me either being or poorly pretending to be cool, there isn’t any of that going on here. I just talk like that when I’m excited, like a small puppy who accidentally bites too hard.


So, I’m Toby, Toby Fredkin, twenty years-old (twenty-one in July), from Sydney, Australia and I live in London now. Yeah! My life is somewhat of an emotional trainwreck, but I like to think of it more as a caucophony of accidents similar to a Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner skit. Like, it’s unfortunate, it’s inevitable but it is damned funny. Kind of like my life. Unfortunate, inevitable, painful but absolutely hilarious.


Some posts on this page may be heinously offensive to you and nothing I write is ever really meant in offense unless I’m very specific about it. If it offends you, please don’t go Westboro Baptist Church on me, that’s just mean. I’m always happy to chat stuff out and make amendments if I’ve been writing under what is genuinely false pretenses. Probably won’t happen, I’m a stubborn little bitch but there’s always the chance!


So please, make yourselves comfortable, enjoy the ride and keep your arms and legs on your person at all times.

Toby Fredkin


Care to discuss it further? Call me a wanker? Leave a message at the tone!

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