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Toby’s first steps anti-veganing and first(real) job overseas!


Top of the evening y’all! Everybody have a good weekend? Mine wasn’t too shabby, I really want to get heaps up and arms and say it was awful after a minor incident involving two girls, my brother’s rules for playing kings and a towel we definitely can’t use anymore, but it was okay. I had intended on going out for a big, crazy, heinously silly night to celebrate my friend Toby(again, not mine-I actually have a friend called Toby)’s birthday but I was still so hungover from Thursday night I guess being inside on a Saturday wasn’t too bad 🙂 This is just a little what’s been happening blog, nothing deep or meaningful. Soz lads!

So tomorrow, I start my first (real) job in London yay!! I say first “real” job because I worked for an events company for three days then resigned with a letter and a voicemail with more of the “f” word and “d” word in it than Ke$ha “f”s them “d”s y’feel me? They kinda lied to me about how long I would have to be spending working and what my rates of pay were and it was terribly sad. I’m certainly not bad at my job and would have appreciated just a touch more respect I s’pose. Wankers.

Anywho-working as a barback at some manner of an Asian-themed casino HUZZAH! Party party party I hope there’s Japanese hookers! What? Not for me…like I could afford that, I mean would want that. SHUT UP!

So that should present a pleasant distraction from some of the little things panging around in my head. One of the things that sorta getting to me the most at the moment is, of course, Veganism. I like I wrote in my other blog on being vegan, I got a little bit sick soon after going vegan and now weigh just under 51kg, which is worrying to say the very least. So, I’ve gone out and I’ve bought just a bottle of milk and a  half-dozen eggs to try and work my way through. And it is killing me emotionally. I never remember when I became such a sook about this sort of stuff, and I’ve only been vegan a month!

I managed to eat my first egg in over a month today and it made me feel so sick. Not the flavour, I won’t lie to you, it was absolutely delicious (still got that knack for the perfect egg I does!) and I think the taste was my body saying “yeah! F*** yeah man eat that egg IT’S SO GOOD FOR YOU! Then I thought about the few chickens it would have come from, in a room full of probably 20 000 other chickens and was just..sad. So sad it made me feel physically ill. For some reason, I didn’t have as much problem with the milk as the eggs but the eggs really hit me hard, I dunno. I’m still avoiding all general products with animals products in it (so no ice-cream or cheese and no egg stuffs in food), just straight eggs and straight milk and far too many vitamins. Or not enough. I just wanna be healthy again! Even though it’s probably not the vitamins, it’s probably the lack of meat/animal products.

I know the human body is in theory designed to consume animal products (especially meat) but that still doesn’t make me feel any better that I have to do it. Brrr. I’ll get over it I’m sure.

I know this blog isn’t super constructive but I just wanted to share a lil bit of what was going on with it. Gym membership starts soon, protein powder gets here soon and to the gym I go! To try and get my weight super high so I can stop with all the animal nonsense and be happy happy joy joy ^_^

Peace out, I’ll hit chy’all with some poetry later.

Have a swell week!

Toby Fredkin


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One thought on “Toby’s first steps anti-veganing and first(real) job overseas!

  1. Yo dude, a few ideas about how to gain weight ethically:
    -gym and protein powder is absolutely on point, definitely the best option
    -eat semi-constantly. As in, instead of having three meals, have 5 smaller ones.
    -lots of avocado and nuts. They’re full of essential fatty acids and nuts have lots of protein.
    -don’t do cardiovascular exercise! That’s the opposite of what you want.

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